The role of TIC Salut Foundation in INNOBICS-SAHS

16 August 2022

The TIC Salut Social Foundation is an entity belonging to the Department of Health of Catalonia. Its mission is to promote the development and use of ICT and networking in the health and social care sector. They act as an observatory for new trends, innovation and monitoring emerging initiatives and offer standardization and product accreditation services.

“Our main role in INNOBICS-SAHS is to ensure and provide our expertise to guarantee that the tools developed fulfil all the interoperability requirements,” said Jesús Berdún, coordinator of the project at TIC Salut Social Foundation. “Our long-term goal is to guarantee that the new healthcare pathway created and the digital solutions developed are accessible, have a good quality and are sustainable for the Catalan healthcare ecosystem,” he concluded.

Find out more information about TIC Salut Social Foundation on this link.

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