The project coordinator explains the aim of INNOBICS-SAHS

15 July 2022

INNOBICS-SAHS coordinator, Dr. Antoni Obrador, resumed the main aspects of the project in a short video interview in Catalan published by the Institut Català de la Salut in Girona – Hospital Dr. Josep Trueta.


Video transcription in English: 

Dr Antoni Obrador

Pulmonologist and doctor emeritus

Sleep Unit at Dr Josep Trueta Hospital


A project to introduce a new system of diagnosing and treating obstructive sleep apnoea is to be implemented in Girona. The majority of patients will now be diagnosed and monitored in their local Primary Care Centre (CAP) by a sleep nurse who will be supported by expert doctors from a Virtual Sleep Unit.


What are the expected benefits of the new system?

We believe it will significantly increase the number of sleep apnoea diagnoses and allow us to act more quickly, improving waiting lists. In addition, patients will benefit from the convenience of being seen at their primary care centre.


What is sleep apnoea?

Sleep apnoea is a medical condition: while sleeping, the patient’s airway becomes obstructed. This obstruction leads to a series of alterations in their body, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular pathologies, increased daytime fatigue and, therefore, increased work and traffic accidents.


How common is sleep apnoea?

We currently diagnose around 10-20% of patients with sleep apnoea. It’s a highly prevalent disease affecting one in every four people, making it a major public health concern. Increasing our capacity to diagnose a condition that is so prevalent and has such significant consequences for the population’s health is essential.


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