INNOBICS-SAHS partners met in Lisbon for the 4th Plenary Meeting

18 May 2023

The INNOBICS-SAHS project celebrated its 4th Plenary Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, the 14th of May. During the event, the consortium partners shared their latest achievements and the next project challenges 

Firstly, Neus Luque, accompanied by Olga Tura from IDIBGI, provided an overview of the project’s overall progress and reviewed the work plan to assess its alignment with the established timeline. They took the opportunity to announce the upcoming project review and discussed the necessary information to prepare for it in the coming days.   

Next, Dr. Eric Rojas from ICS Girona, reported on the advancements made in the Girona pilot, highlighting feedback received from patients and professionals involved in the project. Dr. Cristina Bárbara and Dr. Paula Pinto from Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte, assisted by Mafalda Carvalho, also shared updates and progress on the Lisbon pilot. This allowed the consortium to gain insights into each pilot’s progress and anticipate future activities.   

Subsequently, the TRC group, led by Sandy Hidalgo and the technical team, presented the platform’s advancements. She pointed out the last changes and discussed upcoming modifications and actions required to enhance platform utilization by physicians in both Lisbon and Girona.   

Lastly, after Àlix González from TIC Salut Social Foundation presented the communication and dissemination activities conducted to date and the forthcoming tasks, Blanca Contreras from the Pulso group discussed the project’s commercialization strategy. Eventually, the consortium engaged in a group activity to define an overall strategy, aiming to outline the next steps better. Partners from ResMed and Oxigen Salud also participated in this activity and the other sessions of the plenary meeting.  

To sum up, this day proved highly valuable in resolving challenges encountered thus far and provided an opportunity to address any outstanding issues effectively. 

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